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Suoh Mikoto & Yata Misaki - SSR

[K the 4koma] 42. A Trip To The Onsen Has Got To Include…?

Tatara: A trip to the hot springs has got to include ping pong!! Hey you two over there, stop fighting and let’s play!!
Saruhiko: Hmph.
Misaki: Why with him…

Saruhiko: Ha, so you already realised you’ll lose even before we play?
Misaki: Bastard, what did you just…?
Tatara: Geez, you two. The paddles, take the paddles.

Misaki: If there’s one person I’d never lose to, it’s you!
Saruhiko: Barking dogs seldom bite.

- One hour later
Misaki: That one didn’t count! One more match!!
Saruhiko: You… How many matches has it been already…

Isana Yashiro - Chibi SR

Isana Yashiro - Chibi HR