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SIDE:RED Final Chapters

Part 9 and 10 of K SIDE:RED are out.

All SIDE:RED cards and sprites will be posted once Mod is done.

[K the 4koma] 30. The Location for Flower Viewing?

Akira: Fushimi-saaan! From now on let’s go flower viewing together!
Tatsuya: Wai- Hidaka! Saying that out of the blue is rude!
Saruhiko: Ah…?

Saruhiko: I refuse… going outside just for this is troublesome.
Akira: That aside, let’s just go!

Reisi: Ho… in that case, if it is not outside, then it’s fine?
Akira & Tatsuya: Captain!?

Reisi: As expected, flower viewing is great isn’t it.
Saruhiko: … Why did it turn out like this…

Anonymous asked: Is there a translation of Izumo's birthday one (?) the one where Izumo is in the park with mikoto and mikoto gets him a drink or something along those lines. Sorry if this is confusing.

It was previously announced Mod will not be translating any flash events as it is tough to keep up with. But, translations do get reblogged here so keep an eye out.

vanicat asked: Uhm, I have a question! I'm creating a new project called 'Ciudad Shizume' in which my best friend and I will translate official stuff from K to Spanish, so, I was wondering if I can use your translations to re-translate them to Spanish. Of course, I'll give you all the credits for the images and original translations; thank you and I hope I didn't bothered you

This is actually Mod’s 4th time answering this type of question.

As a reminder:

"Anyone wanting to translate [the 4koma] into different languages, go ahead!"

Apologies in advance for any translation errors Mod may have made, he normally edits the posts when someone points them out.