K - The Lost King

[K the 4koma] 31. Dumplings over Flowers

Kuroh: Isn’t there a lovely scenery?! Why can’t you enjoy it!
Neko: Cherry blossoms aren’t delicious at all! Dumplings are good!

Neko: Cherry blossoms should all change to dumplings!!
Kuroh: What did you say? I would much rather all dumplings change into cherry blossoms!!

Kuroh: Shiro, which would you rather!?
Neko: Shiro, which do you want!?

Shiro: Right now, I think the three of us flower gazing together is the best.
Kuroh: T-that’s not what I need to hear!!

[SIDE:RED] Chapter 9 - 10 SSR+ Cards

[SIDE:RED] Chapter 5 - 8 SSR+ Cards

[SIDE:RED] Chapter 1 - 4 SSR+ Cards