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[K the 4koma] 20. Detective Totsuka Appears!

Izumo: What’s up? You looking for something?
Rikio: The Yata-Rice I left here is gone…
Tatara: In that case. Leave it to me!!

Tatara: Looks like it’s finally time for Famous Detective Totsuka and Assistant Anna! We will prove our reknown skills of deduction… by solving this difficult case!

Tatara: So Anna, who’s the culprit? Let’s take a look with your marble.
Izumo: Relying on the assistant, how are you a detective!!

Anna: Rikio ate it himself… he just forgot…
Rikio: Err, ah… it was delicious.
Izumo + Tatara: ……..

  • 25 November 2013
  • 288